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  Художник — Аранца Сестайо
А. Сестайо
Страна: Испания

Arantza Sestayo (San Sebastián, Guipúzcoa, Spain) Spanish painter and illustrator.

Her career path ranges from realistic illustration (Heavy Metal, Rebel Ink or SQP, USA) to children's illustration (Psago Prinsessan Sweden) or comic strips (Rooie Oortjes Belgium).

In Spain, she has published Wicked Kisses with Norma Editorial and participated in Midnight (Dibbuks), Duende (Castellón municipality) or Vampires and Reinas de la Ilustración Española (Norma Cómics).

Her work has been present in Expocomic (Madrid), Ficomic (Barcelona), Cavacon (Italy), San Sebastián Horror Film Festival, Illuxcon (Reading) or NYCC, and in publications such as Spectrum, Art Renewal Center or Infected By Art.

Some of her works have been covers for Penguin Random House, and she has participated in the special edition «Game of Thrones 20th anniversary» by HarperCollins Publisher.

Her work is influenced by Pre-Raphaelite style and Art Nouveau, and currently focuses her interest on realistic fantasy illustration inspired by classic children's stories.

Recent recognitions:

3rd Place in Imaginative Realism for Ophelia at 14th International ARC Salon (2019-2020)

1st Place in Imaginative Realism for Seven Hearts at 15th International ARC Salon (2020-2021) «Rehs Contemporary Galleries, Inc» Award for Alice's Woods (2020 -2021)

«Fashion Week San Diego» Award for Seven Hearts (2020-2021).

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A Game of Thrones
2016 г.

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