On Joanna Russ

«On Joanna Russ»

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On Joanna Russ

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Middletown (CT): Wesleyan University Press, 2009 г. (май)

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ISBN: 978-0-8195-6902-8

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Страниц: 296


The essays in this volume examine every aspect of Russ's body of work and provide a critical assessment that is long overdue. The first part of the book, «Criticism and Community», gives readers a context for and overview of Russ's works, and includes discussions of Russ's role in the creation of a feminist science fiction tradition. The second part, «Fiction», offers detailed analyses of some of Russ's writing.

Cover art «Alpine Princess» (1981) by James Gurney.


  1. Farah Mendlesohn. Introduction, c. vii-xi
  2. Part I: Criticism and Community
    1. Gary K. Wolfe. Alyx Among the Genres (статья), c. 3-18
    2. Edward James. Russ on Writing Science Fiction and Reviewing It (статья), c. 19-30
    3. Lisa Yaszek. A History of One's Own: Joanna Russ and the Creation of a Feminist SF Tradition (статья), c. 31-47
    4. Helen Merrick. The Female «Atlas» of Science Fiction? Russ, Feminism and the SF Community (статья), c. 48-63
    5. Dianne Newell, Jenéa Tallentire. Learning the «Prophet Business»: The Merril-Russ Intersection (статья), c. 64-80
  3. Part II: Fiction
    1. Sherryl Vint. Joanna Russ's The Two of Them in an Age of Third-wave Feminism (статья), c. 83-98
    2. Pat Wheeler. «That Is Not Me. I Am Not That»: Anger and the Will to Action in Joanna Russ's Fiction (статья), c. 99-113
    3. Keridwen N. Luis. Les Human Beans? Alienation, Humanity and Community in Joanna Russ's On Strike Against God (статья), c. 114-130
    4. Sandra Lindow. Kittens Who Run With Wolves: Healthy Girl Development in Joanna Russ's Kittatinny (статья), c. 131-142
    5. Andrew M. Butler. Medusa Laughs: Birds, Thieves, and Other Unruly Women (статья), c. 143-156
    6. Jason P. Vest. Violent Women, Womanly Violence: Joanna Russ's Femme Fatales (статья), c. 157-167
    7. Paul March-Russell. Art and Amity: The «Opposed Aesthetic» in Mina Loy and Joanna Russ (статья), c. 168-184
    8. Samuel R. Delany. Joanna Russ and D.W. Griffith (статья), c. 185-196
    9. Graham Sleight. Extraordinary People: Joanna Russ's Short Fiction (статья), c. 197-209
    10. Tess Williams. Castaway: Carnival and Sociobiological Satire in We Who Are About To... (статья), c. 210-224
    11. Brian Charles Clark. The Narrative Topology of Resistance in the Fiction of Joanna Russ (статья), c. 225-238
  4. Notes, c. 239-249
  5. Works Cited, c. 251-269
  6. Contributors, c. 271-274
  7. Index, c. 275-285


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