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«Asimov's Science Fiction, October-November 2014»


Asimov's Science Fiction, October-November 2014

Язык издания: английский

2014 г. (август)

Страниц: 192


Cover art by Hisaki Yasuda.


  1. Sheila Williams. Editorial: Twenty-Eighth Annual Readers' Awards' Results (статья)
  2. Readers' Award Winners
  3. Robert Silverberg. Reflections: Robert A. Heinlein, Author of The Martian Chronicles (эссе)
  4. Greg Beatty. Boots (стихотворение)
  5. James Patrick Kelly. On the Net: Stationed (очерк)
  6. Sheila Williams. In Memoriam: Jay Lake (1964-2014) (эссе)
  7. Jay O'Connell. Thought Experiment: Is Resistance Futile? Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying and Love Google Glass (эссе)
  8. L. M. Alder. Henry Gustav Molaison (стихотворение)
  9. Kate Bachus. Pinono Deep (рассказ)
  10. L. M. Lopez. Diary of the Last Days (стихотворение)
  11. Gord Sellar. Stars Fell on Alabama (рассказ)
  12. Dale Bailey. Troop 9 (рассказ)
  13. Brendan DuBois. Minutes To the End of the World (рассказ)
  14. Joel Richards. The Witch of Truckee (рассказ)
  15. Emily C. Skaftun. Diary of a Pod Person (рассказ)
  16. Michael Meyerhofer. If Horror Movies Have Taught Me Anything (стихотворение)
  17. James Patrick Kelly. Uncanny (рассказ)
  18. Craig Finlay. Other Versions (стихотворение)
  19. Robert R. Chase. Decaying Orbit (рассказ)
  20. Aimee Ogden. Morning Sickness (стихотворение)
  21. Jeff Grimshaw. The Cloisters (рассказ)
  22. Jessy Randall. A Different kind of Stupid (стихотворение)
  23. Kristine Kathryn Rusch. Playing with Reality (рассказ)
  24. Jason Sanford. What Is Sand but Earth Purified? (рассказ)
  25. Tim McDaniel. New Trick (рассказ)
  26. Jane Yolen. Fiddler at Midnight (стихотворение)
  27. Allen M. Steele. The Prodigal Son (повесть)
  28. Next Issue
  29. Norman Spinrad. On Books: Space — The Permanent Frontier (статья)
  30. Erwin S. Strauss. SF Conventional Calendar

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