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«Envisioning the Future: Science Fiction and the Next Millennium»


Envisioning the Future: Science Fiction and the Next Millennium

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Middletown (CT): Wesleyan University Press, 2003 г.

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ISBN: 0-8195-6652-7

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Страниц: 230


A mix of science fiction stories and essays about the new millennium.

Cover art by Mandy Sand.

These are uncorrected proof.


  1. Preface
    1. Marleen S. Barr. American Science Fiction; or, "What Happened to the Flying Cars?": Science Fiction/Millennia/Culture (статья), с. ix-xxi
  2. Introduction
    1. Marleen S. Barr. Now - and 3000: Science Fiction Studies/Cultural Studies (статья), с. 1-15
  3. Part 1. Future Past
    1. Neil Postman. Building a Bridge to the Eighteenth Century (статья), с. 19-28
    2. James Gunn. The End-of-the-World Ball (рассказ), с. 29-48
      1. James Gunn. Afterword, с. 48-48
  4. Part 2. Future Present
    1. Darko Suvin. Reflections on What Remains of Zamyatin's We after the Change of Leviathans: Must Collectivism Be against People? (статья), с. 51-81
    2. George Zebrowski. The Coming of Christ the Joker (рассказ), с. 82-98
    3. Harlan Ellison. Goodbye to All That (рассказ, иллюстрации К. Баша), с. 99-107
  5. Part 3. Future Perfect
    1. Marleen S. Barr. Superfeminist: or, A Hanukah Carol (рассказ), с. 111-115
    2. Pamela Sargent. Utmost Bones (рассказ), с. 116-130
    3. Marge Piercy. Love and Sex in the Year 3000 (статья), с. 131-145
    4. Rosi Braidotti. Cyberteratologies: Female Monsters Negotiate the Other's Participation in Humanity's Far Future (статья), с. 146-169
  6. Part 4. Future Critical
    1. Patrick Parrinder. "You Must Have Seen a Lot of Changes": Fiction beyond the Twenty-first Century (статья), с. 173-190
    2. Eric S. Rabkin. Review: What Was Science Fiction? (рассказ), с. 191-198
    3. Kim Stanley Robinson. Review: Science in the Third Millennium (рассказ), с. 199-201
    4. Walter Mosley. Black to the Future (статья), с. 202-204
  7. About the Contributors, с. 205-205


Предварительный оттиск сборника статей о фантастике.

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