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«Fantastic Universe, September 1954»


Fantastic Universe, September 1954

Язык издания: английский

1954 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 128


  1. Lester del Rey. The Life Watch (novel), р. 2-38
  2. Mel Hunter. Or Darwin, If You Prefer (short story), р. 39-47
  3. William Campbell Gault. The Woman Obsession (short story), р. 48-57
  4. Frank Belknap Long. The Cottage (short story), р. 58-69
  5. Roger Dee. The Man Who Found Out (short story), р. 70-76
  6. Marcia Kamien. And a Little Child (short story), р. 77-83
  7. Evelyn Goldstein. The Recalcitrant (short story), р. 84-89
  8. Richard R. Smith. Top Secret Boomerang (short story), р. 90-96
  9. Marion Zimmer Bradley. Jackie Sees a Star (short story), р. 97-101
  10. John Jakes. Dirge for the Sane (short story), р. 102-106
  11. Frank Belknap Long. The Story Behind the Cover… (essay), р. 107
  12. Ray Cummings. He Who Served (novelette), р. 108-124
  13. Robert Frazier. Universe in Books (books review), р. 125-128

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