Saturn March 1958

«Saturn, March 1958»


Saturn, March 1958

Язык издания: английский

1958 г.

Страниц: 114


Cover art and interior art are uncredited.


  1. Romney Boyd. Red Flag Over the Moon (essay), р. 4-11
  2. Lloyd Biggle, Jr. The Orzu Problem (short story), р. 12-24
  3. Jefferson Highe. The Skitz and the Unskitz (short story), р. 25-38
  4. Charles A. Stearns. Sputnik Shoes (short story), р. 39-51
  5. Clark Ashton Smith. The Powder of Hyperborea (short story), р. 52-62
  6. Charles L. Fontenay. Never Marry a Venerian (short story), р. 63-65
  7. Ray Cummings. Requiem for a Small Planet (short story), р. 66-83
  8. Marion Zimmer Bradley. The Stars Are Waiting (short story), р. 84-94
  9. Robert Silverberg. Alaree (short story), р. 95-108
  10. Charles E. Fritch. Shaggy Dog (short story), р. 109-114


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