Издательство Random House

Издательство «Random House»


Год открытия: 1925


The flagship imprint of Random House, Inc., the Random House Publishing Group had its origins in 1925 when Bennett Cerf and Donald Klopfer, two New Yorkers in their mid-twenties, acquired a line of classics and contemporary American works called The Modern Library from publisher Horace Liveright. The company assumed the name Random House two years later, in 1927, when Cerf and Klopfer decided to publish a few books on the side, «at random.»

New York
1745 Broadway, New York, NY 10019

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  • A Random House Play
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  • Alfred Hitchock Presents
  • Vintage Contemporaries

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Внесерийные издания

A Parade of Cockeyed Creatures, Or Did someone murder our wandering boy?

1967 год

Описание: Cover art by Howard Bernstein, design by Anthea Lingeman

A Witch's Last Resort

2023 год

Описание: Book 2 in the «The Terribles» series.

Andrew's Brain

2014 год

Описание: Jacket illustration: Gerard DuBois.

Ask for Me Tomorrow

1976 год

Описание: Book 1 in the "Tom Aragon" series.

Atlas Shrugged

1957 год

Описание: Cover by George Salter

Beyond Apollo

1972 год

Описание: Cover art by Roger Hane

Black House

2001 год

Описание: Cover by Marc Cohen

Dragons of Deceit

2022 год

Описание: Book 1 in the «Dragonlance: Destinies» series.

Dragons of Fate

2023 год

Описание: Book 2 in the «Dragonlance: Destinies» series.

Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library

2013 год

Описание: Book 1 in the "Mr. Lemoncello's Library" series.
Cover art by Gilbert Ford.

Gnasty Gnomes

1981 год

Описание: Illustrations by Peter Lippman.

Barry N. Malzberg

Herovit's World

1973 год

Описание: Cover by Bob Alcorn

Homer & Langley

2009 год

Описание: Jacket design: Nick Castle Design; Jacket Photograph: Samuel H. Gottscho, Everett Collection/Rex Features; Title-page photograph: view of a portion of the Collier mansion Bettmann/Corbis; Book design by Barbara M. Bachman

In the Night Room

2004 год

Описание: Cover by Marc Cohen

Killing Time

2000 год

Описание: Cover art by Kamil Vojnar.


1952 год

Описание: Cover art by Philip Grushkin

Look out, Mog!

1992 год

Описание: Cover art and interior art by Judith Kerr.

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