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Журнал «Ghoul #1»

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Ghoul #1

Журнал, год


UK Cinema magazine. Publisher: New English Library. No editor named. One undated issue, 1976.

This one-issue title was an unabashedly juvenile effort whose contents included an «interview» with Count Dracula and a contest to give away one hundred «vampire kites». Some more serious material did however appear, including a brief history of Monster Movies by film scholar Denis Gifford (1927-2000) and an article on performer Christopher Lee

В произведение входит:

  • "Beyond Terror"— Staff members telling what phobias, fears, nightmares they have.
  • Great Indestructible  [= I Meet the Great Indestructible] (1976) // Автор: Рональд Четвинд-Хейс  
  • ''Horror-Scope'' — Monster horoscopes with the birthsigns Suckdritus the Vampire, Fangus the Werewolf, Gnawus the Slime-Beast, and Crushem the Golen.
  • Christopher Lee — brief description about the actor illustrated with film stills
  • Ghoul at Large (1976) // Автор: Рональд Четвинд-Хейс  
  • ''On the Prowl'' — Chilling news from the scream scene.
  • ''Kiss me quick'' — funny captions to monsters kissing in films stills.
  • ''Ghoul Gazette'' — Spoof 2 page newspaper.
  • ''Masters of Horror — 1.Edgar Alan Poe'' by Walter Gillings — Profile of the master horror writer.
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  • ''Celluloid Screams'' — Gallery of 4 horror film posters
  • ''Preymate of the month'' — in which the readers were invited to send in their ghoulish monster creations, the one featured in this issue was called Octopus Man.

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Ghoul #1
1976 г.


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