Работы художника М Чан

  Работы художника М. Чан
М. Чан
Страна: Филиппины

Full name: Merilliza Chan

Meril is an illustrator based in Manila, Philippines. Her works primarily focus on the fantasy genre, card art, concept art and book cover illustrations.

She has a background in design and marketing thanks to her BFA in Advertising Arts. After graduating from the University of Santo Tomas Manila, she ventured towards freelancing with the goal to create artworks in the field of publishing and gaming.

Meril is always looking for fun collaborative projects and would love to hear from you so feel free to use the contact form or email her anytime.

Официальный сайт: www.merilliza.com

 Обложки изданий (4):

Пробуждение воздуха
2020 г.
Падение огня
2020 г.
Кровь земли
2020 г.
Гнев воды
2020 г.

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