Работы художника П Пиблса

  Работы художника П. Пиблса
П. Пиблса

Peter Peebles was born in Minneapolis and has been living on the east coast for the past 30 years. He graduated from Kansas City Art Institute on full scholarship where he studied painting and printmaking under Lester Goldman and Wilbur Neiwald. Peter received a solid foundation in classical painting method; and was recognized for his excellence in painting and printmaking as well as student teaching.

“Art school was a magical time, the learning environment at KCAI was wonderful.” Peter enjoyed a valuable feeling of belonging and a sense of community while at the Art Institute which culminated in a tremendous creative energy. He was strongly influenced and inspired by the works of great classical painters such as Alma Tadema, Gerome, Sir Edmund Leighton, J.W. Waterhouse just to name a few. Peter studies also focused on the exceptional contemporary illustrators; such as Norman Rockwell, Dean Cornwall, NC Wyeth, Winslow Homer. And later, Howard Terpning, Frank McCarthy, Burton Silverman, Richard Schmidt, and most notably, Frank Frazetta.

The time passed quickly at KCAI, and Peter finished at the top of his class. “My memories of my time at KCAI are recalled with great fondness, and to this day I remain in contact with the school and keep abreast of its development.”

Shortly after graduation the decision was made to move to the east coast, and he chose to relocate to Boston. Peter admits, “I always planned to make my career as an illustrator, but the move directly to New York City was a bit intimidating.” The decision proved to be fortuitous however, as it was in Boston where he met his wife Barbara. “It was amazing, I was flat broke with questionable prospects; yet we share a wonderful life together and it is now over 30 years.»

Номинации на премии:

AnLab / AnLab award (Analog), 1996 // Обложка. обложка апрельского номера
Премия читателей журнала «Азимов» / Asimov's Readers' Awards, 1996 // Лучшая обложка

Официальный сайт: peterpeebles.com

 Обложки изданий (15):

Огненный смерч
1996 г.

1997 г.
Корабль беглецов
1997 г.
Нефритовый Сокол
1997 г.
Противостояние разумов
1997 г.
Эхо далекой битвы
1997 г.
Звёздные войны III
1997 г

Космические пираты. Поколение воинов
1998 г.
Волки на границе
1998 г.

1999 г.
Русский батальон
1999 г.

Нефритовый сокол
2002 г.

Время будущее. Время прошедшее
2004 г.

По ту сторону Бездны
2007 г.

Молодой Индиана Джонс и Тайна гибели Титаника
2008 г.

 Издания не на русском языке (2) :

McLendon's Syndrome
1993 г.

Cain's Land
1996 г.

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