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«Science Fiction Art: The Fantasies of SF»

Science Fiction Art: The Fantasies of SF

Язык издания: английский


London: Bounty Books, 1975 г.

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ISBN: 0-517-52432-5

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Cover art — the girl in a bikini with an alien — is from an illustration by Edd Cartier.

The book contains 115 colour illustrations and 173 black and white images, presented as a visual history of science fiction art from 1926 to the early 1970s.


  1. Brian Aldiss. Science Fiction Art: The Fantasies of SF (произведение (прочее))

    1. Introduction, c. 3-9
    2. The Artists' Gallery, c. 10-61
    3. Great Comic Strips, c. 62-65
    4. Themes in Sciences Fiction, c. 66-111
      1. Delightful Doomsdays (Catastrophes)
      2. Vacuum-Busters (Spaceships)
      3. Beyond the Beyond (Distant Planets)
      4. Here Be Monsters (Alien Life)
      5. Spires and Sewers (Future Cities)
      6. Interplanetary Pets (Girls in Science Fiction)
      7. Hands Without Heads (Great Machines)
      8. Men of Metal (robots)
    5. Ideas in Action (Two SF Ideas Develop), c. 112-115
    6. The Magazine Gallery, c. 116-127
    7. Index of Artists and Magazine, c. 128-128


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