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«Many Futures, Many Worlds: Theme and Form in Science Fiction»


Many Futures, Many Worlds: Theme and Form in Science Fiction

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Kent (OH): The Kent State University Press, 1977 г.

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ISBN: 0-87338-200-5

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Страниц: 314


Academic collection of essays on science fiction and the worlds created by the writers.

Designed by Harold M. Stevens.


  1. Thomas D. Clareson. Introduction, c. vii-ix
  2. Thomas L. Wymer. Perception and Value in Science Fiction (статья), с. 1-13
  3. Thomas D. Clareson. Many Futures, Many Worlds (статья), с. 14-26
  4. Stanley Schmidt. The Science in Science Fiction (статья), с. 27-49
  5. S. C. Fredericks. Revivals of Ancient Mythologies in Current Science Fiction and Fantasy (статья), с. 50-65
  6. Carolyn Rhodes. Tyranny by Computer: Automated Data Processing and Oppressive Government in Science Fiction (статья), с. 66-93
  7. Gary K. Wolfe. The Known and the Unknown: Structure and Image in Science Fiction (статья), с. 94-116
  8. Thomas D. Clareson. Lost Lands, Lost Races: A Pagan Princess of Their Very Own (статья), с. 117-139
  9. Beverly Friend. Virgin Territory: The Bonds and Boundaries of Women in Science Fiction (статья), с. 140-163
  10. Robert H. Canary. Science Fiction as Fictive History (статья), с. 164-181
  11. Patricia Warrick. Images of the Man-Machine Intelligence Relationship in Science Fiction (статья), с. 182-223
  12. Steven Kagle. Science Fiction as Simulation Game (статья), с. 224-236
  13. J. Norman King. Theology, Science Fiction, and Man's Future Orientation (статья), с. 237-259
  14. Patrick G. Hogan, Jr. The Philosophical Limitations of Science Fiction (статья), с. 260-277
  15. Samuel R. Delany. Critical Methods: Speculative Fiction (статья), с. 278-291
  16. Index, c. 292-300
  17. Contributors, c. 301-303


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