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«Lightspeed, Issue 51, August 2014»


Lightspeed, Issue 51, August 2014

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Язык издания: английский

2014 г.


Cover Art by Vitaly Timkin.


  1. From the Editor
    1. Editorial, August 2014
  2. Science Fiction
    1. An Owomoyela. Undermarket Data (рассказ)
    2. Gardner Dozois. Morning Child (рассказ)
    3. E. Catherine Tobler. A Box, a Pocket, a Spaceman (рассказ)
    4. David I. Masson. Traveller's Rest (рассказ)
  3. Fantasy
    1. Ken Liu. State Change (рассказ)
    2. Tahmeed Shafiq. The Djinn Who Sought To Kill The Sun (рассказ)
    3. Gwyneth Jones. The Grass Princess (рассказ)
    4. Kat Howard. A Meaningful Exchange (рассказ)
  4. Novella
    1. Sherwood Smith. Rule of Engagement (рассказ)
  5. Novel Excerpts
    1. Peter Watts. Echopraxia (отрывок из романа)
    2. Dru Pagliassotti. Clockwork Secrets: Heavy Fire (отрывок из романа)
  6. Nonfiction
    1. David Barr Kirtley, Christopher Moore. Interview: Christopher Moore (интервью)
    2. David Barr Kirtley, Elizabeth Bear. Interview: Elizabeth Bear (интервью)
    3. Artist Gallery: Vitaly Timkin
    4. Henry Lien. Artist Spotlight: Vitaly Timkin (интервью)
  7. Author Spotlights
    1. Jude Griffin, An Owomoyela. Author Spotlight: An Owomoyela (интервью)
    2. Jude Griffin, Gardner Dozois. Author Spotlight: Gardner Dozois (интервью)
    3. Jude Griffin, E. Catherine Tobler. Author Spotlight: E. Catherine Tobler (интервью)
    4. Rich Horton. Author Spotlight: David I. Masson (статья)
    5. Christie Yant, Ken Liu. Author Spotlight: Ken Liu (интервью)
    6. Liz Argall, Tahmeed Shafiq. Author Spotlight: Tahmeed Shafiq (интервью)
    7. Laurel Amberdine, Gwyneth Jones. Author Spotlight: Gwyneth Jones (интервью)
    8. Lee Hallison, Kat Howard. Author Spotlight: Kat Howard (интервью)
    9. Patrick J Stephens, Sherwood Smith. Author Spotlight: Sherwood Smith (интервью)
  8. Miscellany
    1. Coming Attractions
    2. Stay Connected
    3. Subscriptions & Ebooks
    4. About the Editor

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