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«The Arkham Sampler: A Facsimile Edition»


The Arkham Sampler: A Facsimile Edition

Язык издания: английский

Составитель: не указан

Sauk City (WI): Arkham House, 2010 г.

ISBN: 978-1-55246-927-9 , 1-55246-927-1

Тип обложки: твёрдая


2 Volumes

400+428 pages


  1. The Arkham Sampler—1948
    1. The Arkham Sampler, Winter 1948 (журнал)
      1. H. Russell Wakefield. Messrs. Turkes and Talbot (рассказ)
      2. August Derleth, H. P. Lovecraft. History and Chronology of the Necronomicon Together with Some Pertinent Paragraphs (статья)
      3. Clark Ashton Smith. Lamia (стихотворение)
      4. Clark Ashton Smith. The Nameless Wraith (стихотворение)
      5. Clark Ashton Smith. The City of Destruction (стихотворение в прозе)
      6. August Derleth. Introduction (статья)
      7. Malcolm Ferguson. A Little Anthology (статья)
      8. August Derleth. Mara (рассказ)
      9. Leah Bodine Drake. A Hornbook for Witches (стихотворение)
      10. Clark Ashton Smith. Checklist: The Carvings of Clark Ashton Smith (статья)
      11. H. P. Lovecraft. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (повесть)
      12. August Derleth. Two Novels and an Anthology (статья)
      13. August Derleth. Greener Than You Think by Ward Moore (рецензия)
      14. August Derleth. Zotz! by Walter Karig (рецензия)
      15. August Derleth. Man Into Beast: Strange Tales of Transformation by A. C. Spectorsky (рецензия)
      16. August Derleth. From the Fan Presses (статья)
      17. August Derleth. The Forbidden Garden by John Taine (статья)
      18. August Derleth. Venus Equilateral by George O. Smith (статья)
      19. August Derleth. Edison's Conquest of Mars by Garrett P. Serviss (рецензия)
      20. August Derleth. Of Worlds Beyond: The Science of Science-Fiction Writing by Lloyd Arthur Eshbach (рецензия)
      21. August Derleth. The Shasta Checklist (произведение (прочее))
      22. August Derleth. The Checklist of Fantastic Literature by Everett Bleiler and Melvin Korshak (рецензия)
      23. Robert Bloch. Through a Glass, Darkly (статья)
      24. Robert Bloch. Dark Carnival by Ray Bradbury (рецензия)
      25. Robert Bloch. Revelations in Black by Carl Jacobi (рецензия)
      26. Robert Bloch. Night's Black Agents by Fritz Leiber, Jr. (рецензия)
      27. Robert Bloch. A Thorne Off the Old Smith (статья)
      28. Robert Bloch. The Grass is Always Greener by George Malcolm-Smith (рецензия)
      29. Three Anthologies
      30. John Haley. The Night Side: Masterpieces of the Strange and Terrible by August Derleth (рецензия)
      31. John Haley. The Sleeping and the Dead: 30 Uncanny Tales by August Derleth (рецензия)
      32. John Haley. The Fireside Book of Suspense by Alfred Hitchcock (рецензия)
      33. Short Notices
      34. Anonymous Author. The Scarf by Robert Bloch (рецензия)
      35. Anonymous Author. The American Imagination At Work: Tall Tales and Folk Tales by Ben C. Clough (рецензия)
      36. Anonymous Author. Mrs. Candy and Saturday Night by Robert Tallant (рецензия)
      37. Anonymous Author. The Enchanted Book by Alice Dalgliesh (рецензия)
      38. Anonymous Author. Rocket Ship Galileo by Robert A. Heinlein (рецензия)
      39. Anonymous Author. The First Men in the Moon by H. G. Wells (рецензия)
      40. Anonymous Author. Windwagon Smith and Other Yarns by Wilbur Schramm (рецензия)
      41. Anonymous Author. Two Came to Town by Simeon Strunsky (рецензия)
      42. Anonymous Author. The Flames by Olaf Stapledon (рецензия)
      43. Editorial Commentary
    2. The Arkham Sampler, Spring 1948 (журнал)
      1. Malcolm Ferguson. A Damsel With a Dulcimer (рассказ)
      2. Clark Ashton Smith. Hellenic Sequel (стихотворение)
      3. H. P. Lovecraft. A Group of Letters (статья)
      4. Clark Ashton Smith. The Blindness of Orion (стихотворение)
      5. Robert Hunt. West Country Legends (статья)
      6. August Derleth. The Wind in the Lilacs (рассказ)
      7. Leah Bodine Drake. Unhappy Ending (стихотворение)
      8. Fritz Leiber. Fantasy on the March (статья)
      9. George T. Wetzel. Notes on the Cthulhu Mythos (статья)
      10. August Derleth. On «The Lurker at the Threshold» (статья)
      11. Clark Ashton Smith. From a Letter (статья)
      12. Rheinhart Kleiner. A Memoir of Lovecraft (статья)
      13. H. P. Lovecraft. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (повесть)
      14. August Derleth. Ghosts in Great Britain (статья)
      15. August Derleth. Not Exactly Ghosts by Sir Andrew Caldecott (рецензия)
      16. August Derleth. The Travelling Grave and Other Stories by L. P. Hartley (рецензия)
      17. August Derleth. Ghosts in Irish Houses by James Reynolds (рецензия)
      18. August Derleth. The Macabre in Pictures (статья)
      19. August Derleth. Addams and Evil by Charles Addams (рецензия)
      20. August Derleth. What am I Doing Here? by Abner Dean (рецензия)
      21. John Haley. Top-Notch Science-Fiction (статья)
      22. John Haley. The Key to the Great Gate by Hinko Gottlieb (рецензия)
      23. John Haley. The Lost Cavern and Other Stories of the Fantastic by H. F. Heard (рецензия)
      24. John Haley. Strange Ports of Call: 20 Masterpieces of Science-Fiction by August Derleth (рецензия)
      25. John Haley. The World of Null-A by A. E. van Vogt (рецензия)
      26. Robert Bloch. Deliver Us From Evil (статья)
      27. Robert Bloch. The Book of Ptath by A. E. van Vogt (рецензия)
      28. Robert Bloch. Carnacki, the Ghost-Finder by William Hope Hodgson (рецензия)
      29. Short Notices
      30. Anonymous Author. The Lurking Fear and Other Stories by H. P. Lovecraft (рецензия)
      31. Anonymous Author. Psychic Experiences of Famous People by Sylvan Joseph Muldoon (рецензия)
      32. Anonymous Author. The Well of the Unicorn by George U. Fletcher (рецензия)
      33. Editorial Commentar
      34. Anonymous Author. Unholy Relics by M. P. Dare (рецензия)
    3. The Arkham Sampler, Summer 1948 (журнал)
      1. H. Russell Wakefield. A Kink in Space-Time (рассказ)
      2. Geraldine Wolf. Night in the City (стихотворение)
      3. A. Reynolds Morse. The Novels of M. P. Shiel (статья)
      4. Clark Ashton Smith. No Stranger Dream (стихотворение)
      5. H. P. Lovecraft, C. M. Eddy Jr.. The Loved Dead (рассказ)
      6. Clark Ashton Smith. On the Mount of Stone (стихотворение)
      7. Samuel Loveman. Howard Phillips Lovecraft (статья)
      8. H. P. Lovecraft. A Letter to E. Hoffmann Price (произведение (прочее))
      9. Leah Bodine Drake. Old Wives' Tale (стихотворение)
      10. Norman Markham. Strangers from Hesperus (рассказ)
      11. Robert Hunt. Further West Country Legends (статья)
      12. H. P. Lovecraft. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (повесть)
      13. John Haley. Dr. Keller's Stories (статья)
      14. John Haley. Life Everlasting and Other Tales of Science, Fantasy and Horror (рецензия)
      15. August Derleth. Wit and Satire (статья)
      16. August Derleth. The Prevalence of Witches by Aubrey Menen (рецензия)
      17. Studies in Murder
      18. August Derleth. Murder: Plain and Fanciful by James Sandoe (рецензия)
      19. August Derleth. The Murder of Maria Marten by J. Curtis and Jeanne Mackenzie and Norman Mackenzie (рецензия)
      20. Leah Bodine Drake. Gremlins (эссе)
      21. Leah Bodine Drake. Sometime Never by Roald Dahl (рецензия)
      22. Short Notices
      23. Anonymous Author. Ghosts Along the Mississippi by Clarence John Laughlin (рецензия)
      24. Anonymous Author. The Collected Tales of A. E. Coppard (рецензия)
      25. Anonymous Author. Strange Prehistoric Animals and Their Stories by A. Hyatt Verrill (рецензия)
      26. Anonymous Author. Del Palma by Pamela Kellino (рецензия)
      27. Anonymous Author. The Black Flame by Stanley G. Weinbaum (рецензия)
      28. Anonymous Author. Sac Prarie People by August Derleth (рецензия)
      29. Anonymous Author. The Bowl of Night by Edward Liston (рецензия)
      30. Editorial Commentary
    4. The Arkham Sampler, Autumn 1948 (журнал)
      1. Lord Dunsany. The Sign (рассказ)
      2. August Derleth. Providence: Two Gentlemen Meet at Midnight (стихотворение)
      3. Malcolm Ferguson. A Note on Aubrey Beardsley (эссе)
      4. Clark Ashton Smith. Only to One Returned (стихотворение)
      5. Peter Viereck. A Spell Useful Near Water (стихотворение)
      6. Mrs. J. H. Riddell. Nut Bush Farm (рассказ)
      7. Leah Bodine Drake. The Unknown Land (стихотворение)
      8. H. P. Lovecraft. The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath (повесть)
      9. Robert Bloch. Change of Heart (рассказ)
      10. Charles Pierre Baudelaire. La Vie Antérieure (стихотворение)
      11. August Derleth. The Machen Collection (статья)
      12. August Derleth. Tales of Horror and the Supernatural by Arthur Machen (рецензия)
      13. Books of Magical Lore
      14. August Derleth. The Mirror of Magic: A History of Magic in the Western World by Kurt Seligmann (рецензия)
      15. August Derleth. Witches and Fishes by Sir Hesketh Bell (рецензия)
      16. John Haley. John Campbell's Stories (статья)
      17. John Haley. Who Goes There? (рецензия)
      18. Robert Bloch. «The World Is My Idea» (эссе)
      19. Robert Bloch. Beyond This Horizon by Robert A. Heinlein (рецензия)
      20. Clark Ashton Smith. A Cosmic Novel: «The Web of Easter Island» (рецензия)
      21. Short Notices
      22. Anonymous Author. The Unexpected by Bennett Cerf (рецензия)
      23. Anonymous Author. Sinister Barrier by Eric Frank Russell (рецензия)
      24. Anonymous Author. Ape and Essence by Aldous Huxley (рецензия)
      25. Anonymous Author. Shadow of Fu Manchu by Sax Rohmer (рецензия)
      26. Anonymous Author. From Unknown Worlds by John W. Campbell, Jr. (рецензия)
      27. Editorial Commentary
  2. The Arkham Sampler—1949
    1. The Arkham Sampler, Winter 1949 (журнал)
      1. Sam Merwin, Jr., David H. Keller, M.D., Everett F. Bleiler, Forrest J. Ackerman, P. Schuyler Miller. A Basic Science-Fiction Library (статья)
      2. Clark Ashton Smith. Avowal (стихотворение)
      3. Ray Bradbury. The Summer Night (микрорассказ)
      4. Sam Moskowitz. The Case for Science-Fiction (статья)
      5. A. E. Van Vogt. Dear Pen Pal (рассказ)
      6. August Derleth. The Pool in the Wood (стихотворение)
      7. Jules Verne. Solution of Mind Problems by the Imagination (статья)
      8. Peter Viereck. The Swallowers of Universes (рассказ)
      9. Régis Messac. David Henry Keller and the Scientific Novel in the United States (статья)
      10. John Wyndham. Time to Rest (рассказ)
      11. August Derleth. Open, Sesame! (рассказ)
      12. Vincent Starrett. Travel Talk (стихотворение)
      13. Everett F. Bleiler. The Moon as Goal (эссе)
      14. Everett F. Bleiler. Voyages to the Moon by Marjorie Hope Nicolson (рецензия)
      15. Edward Wagenknecht. Charles WIlliams' Novel (статья)
      16. Edward Wagenknecht. All Hallows' Eve by Charles Williams (рецензия)
      17. Fritz Leiber. From the Fan Presses (статья)
      18. Fritz Leiber. The Torch by Jack Bechdolt (рецензия)
      19. Fritz Leiber. Skylark Three by Edward E. Smith (рецензия)
      20. Fritz Leiber. Slaves of Sleep by L. Ron Hubbard (рецензия)
      21. Robert Bloch. Frank Merriwell on Venus (эссе)
      22. Robert Bloch. Space Cadet by Robert Heinlein (рецензия)
      23. Carl Jacobi. Factual Fantasies (эссе)
      24. Carl Jacobi. Out of the Silence by Patrick Mahony (рецензия)
      25. Forrest J. Ackerman. Dr. Keller Again (статья)
      26. Forrest J. Ackerman. Solitary Hunters and The Abyss by David H. Keller (рецензия)
      27. Leah Bodine Drake. Whimsy and Whamsy (эссе)
      28. Leah Bodine Drake. ... And Some Were Human by Lester del Rey (рецензия)
      29. Leah Bodine Drake. Moonfoam and Sorceries by Stanley Mullen (рецензия)
      30. Short Notices
      31. Anonymous Author. Divide and Rule by L. Sprague de Camp (рецензия)
      32. Anonymous Author. The Invisible Man by H. G. Wells (рецензия)
      33. Anonymous Author. Fear and Trembling by Alfred Hitchcock (рецензия)
      34. Anonymous Author. The Chips are Down by Jean-Paul Sartre (рецензия)
      35. Anonymous Author. Angel in the Wardrobe by Robert Tallant (рецензия)
      36. Anonymous Author. The Atlantis Myth by H. S. Bellamy (рецензия)
      37. Anonymous Author. Art and the Unconscious by Lionel Goitein (рецензия)
      38. Anonymous Author. The Madrone Tree by David Duncan (рецензия)
      39. Editorial Commentary
    2. The Arkham Sampler, Spring 1949 (журнал)
      1. Clark Ashton Smith. The Root of Ampoi (рассказ)
      2. Vincent Starrett. Fragment (стихотворение)
      3. Everett F. Bleiler. The Mummy! A Tale of the Twenty-Second Century (статья)
      4. Charles Pierre Baudelaire. XXVI. Sed non satiata (стихотворение)
      5. E. Hoffmann Price. Lovecraft and the Stars (эссе)
      6. Leah Bodine Drake. The Saints of Four-Mile Water (стихотворение)
      7. John Wyndham. Technical Slip (рассказ)
      8. J. A. Mitchell. The Last American (рассказ)
      9. Vincent Starrett. Full Circle (стихотворение)
      10. August Derleth. The Realm of Redonda (статья)
      11. P. Schuyler Miller. «Gougou» (эссе)
      12. J. Chapman Miske. Characterization in Imaginative Literature (эссе)
      13. August Derleth. Jamesian Spectres (статья)
      14. August Derleth. The Ghostly Tales of Henry James (рецензия)
      15. Two Bibliographies
      16. Everett F. Bleiler. A Bibliography of the Works of Sir Henry Rider Haggard, 1856-1925 by J. E. Scott (рецензия)
      17. Everett F. Bleiler. The Works of M. P. Shiel by A. Reynolds Morse (рецензия)
      18. Leah Bodine Drake. The Devil and Miss Barker (эссе)
      19. Leah Bodine Drake. Peace, My Daughters by Shirley Barker (рецензия)
      20. Joseph L. McNamera. Cristina (эссе)
      21. Joseph L. McNamera. The Room Beyond by Robert Spencer Carr (рецензия)
      22. An Arkham Quartet
      23. Edward Wagenknecht. The Fourth Book of Jorkens by Lord Dunsany (рецензия)
      24. Edward Wagenknecht. Genius Loci and Other Tales by Clark Ashton Smith (рецензия)
      25. Edward Wagenknecht. Roads by Seabury Quinn (рецензия)
      26. Edward Wagenknecht. Not Long for This World by August Derleth (рецензия)
      27. Messrs. Sturgeon, Williamson & DeCamp
      28. August Derleth. Without Sorcery by Theodore Sturgeon (рецензия)
      29. August Derleth. Darker Than You Think by Jack Williamson (рецензия)
      30. August Derleth. The Wheels of If by L. Sprague de Camp (рецензия)
      31. August Derleth. Lest Darkness Fall by L. Sprague de Camp (рецензия)
      32. Short Notices
      33. Anonymous Author. The Girl with the Hungry Eyes, and Other Stories (рецензия)
      34. Anonymous Author. The Sign of the Burning Hart by David H. Keller (рецензия)
      35. Anonymous Author. Mysteries and Adventures Along the Atlantic Coast by Edward Rowe Snow (рецензия)
      36. Anonymous Author. The Devil Rides Out by Dennis Wheatley (рецензия)
      37. Editorial Commentary
    3. The Arkham Sampler, Summer 1949 (журнал)
      1. Ray Bradbury. The One Who Waits (рассказ)
      2. Jules Verne, Michel Verne. La Journée d'un journaliste américain en 2890 (рассказ)
      3. Vincent Starrett. Hieroglyphics (стихотворение)
      4. Ludvig Holberg. Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum, Novam Telluris theoriem ac Historiam Quintae Monarchiae adhuc nobis incognita exhibens (роман)
      5. José-Maria de Heredia. L'Oubli (стихотворение)
      6. David H. Keller, M.D.. The Door (рассказ)
      7. Vincent Starrett. Two Horsemen (стихотворение)
      8. Charles Pierre Baudelaire. La Géante (стихотворение)
      9. Charles Pierre Baudelaire. Le Léthé (стихотворение)
      10. Everett F. Bleiler. The Derleth Science-Fiction Collection (статья)
      11. Everett F. Bleiler. The Other Side of the Moon by August Derleth (рецензия)
      12. Robert Bloch. Ode to a Skylark (статья)
      13. Robert Bloch. Skylark of Valeron by Edward E. Smith, Ph.D. (рецензия)
      14. Edward Wagenknecht. More Caldecott (статья)
      15. Edward Wagenknecht. Fires Burn Blue by Sir Andrew Caldecott (рецензия)
      16. John Haley. Poetry of Immortality (статья)
      17. Everett F. Bleiler. «American Dreams» and Utopias (эссе)
      18. Everett F. Bleiler. American Dreams, A Study of American Utopias by Vernon Parrington (рецензия)
      19. Robert Bloch. Salem Again (статья)
      20. Robert Bloch. The Evening Wolves by Marie McCall (рецензия)
      21. August Derleth. A Mixed Bag (статья)
      22. August Derleth. Invasion from Mars by Orson Welles (рецензия)
      23. August Derleth. Life on Other Worlds by H. Spencer Jones (рецензия)
      24. August Derleth. A Martian Odyssey and Others by Stanley G. Weinbaum (рецензия)
      25. August Derleth. The End of the World by Geoffrey Dennis (рецензия)
      26. August Derleth. The Histrionic Mr. Poe by Bryllion Fagin (рецензия)
      27. August Derleth. Descent Into Hell by Charles Williams (рецензия)
      28. Editorial Commentary
    4. The Arkham Sampler, Autumn 1949 (журнал)
      1. H. Russell Wakefield. The Triumph of Death (рассказ)
      2. Clark Ashton Smith. Calenture (стихотворение)
      3. Anthony Boucher. Footnote to Dunne (рассказ)
      4. Ray Bradbury. Holiday (рассказ)
      5. Clark Ashton Smith. Pour Chercher Du Nouveau (стихотворение)
      6. Ludvig Holberg. Nicolai Klimii iter subterraneum, Novam Telluris theoriem ac Historiam Quintae Monarchiae adhuc nobis incognita exhibens (роман)
      7. Charles Pierre Baudelaire. La Mort des amants (стихотворение)
      8. Thomas H. Carter. Escape (стихотворение)
      9. Martin Gardner. Sidney Sime of Worplesdon (эссе)
      10. Erasmus Darwin. Nightmare (стихотворение)
      11. August Derleth. The Song of the Pewee (рассказ)
      12. Malcolm Ferguson. A Little Anthology (статья)
      13. Leah Bodine Drake. Abracadabra (стихотворение)
      14. Robert Bloch. The Rape of Things to Come (статья)
      15. Robert Bloch. Nineteen Eighty-Four by George Orwell (рецензия)
      16. John Haley. Perhaps the Future (статья)
      17. John Haley. The Conquest of Space by Willy Ley (рецензия)
      18. August Derleth. Nelson Bond's New Stories (статья)
      19. August Derleth. The Thirty-First of February by Nelson Bond (рецензия)
      20. Everett F. Bleiler. Anthropology and Fiction (эссе)
      21. Everett F. Bleiler. Watch the North Wind Rise by Robert Graves (рецензия)
      22. Fritz Leiber. A Contrasting Duo (статья)
      23. Fritz Leiber. The World Below by S. Fowler Wright (рецензия)
      24. Fritz Leiber. The Kid from Mars by Oscar J. Friend (рецензия)
      25. August Derleth. A Selected Shelf of Fantasy (статья)
      26. August Derleth. The Best Science-Fiction Stories: 1949 by T. E. Dikty and Everett F. Bleiler (рецензия)
      27. August Derleth. The Big Eye by Max Ehrlich (рецензия)
      28. August Derleth. The Dowry by Maggy Gould (рецензия)
      29. August Derleth. Many Dimensions by Charles Williams (рецензия)
      30. August Derleth. War in Heaven by Charles Williams (рецензия)
      31. Frank Belknap Long. Two Views of the Future (статья)
      32. Frank Belknap Long. The Humanoids by Jack Williamson (рецензия)
      33. Frank Belknap Long. Lords of Creation by Eando Binder (рецензия)
      34. Short Notices
      35. Anonymous Author. The Devil in Massachusetts by Marion L. Starkey (рецензия)
      36. Anonymous Author. Atlantis: The Antediluvian World by Ignatius Donnelly (рецензия)
      37. Anonymous Author. Adventures in the Supernormal by Eileen J. Garrett (рецензия)
      38. Anonymous Author. There Is a Psychic World by Horace Westwood (рецензия)
      39. Anonymous Author. Arthur Machen: Weaver of Fantasy by William Francis Gekle (рецензия)
      40. Anonymous Author. Honey for the Ghost by Louis Golding (рецензия)
      41. Anonymous Author. John Carstairs: Space Detective by Frank Belknap Long (рецензия)
      42. Anonymous Author. The Creaking Stair by Elizabeth Coatsworth (рецензия)
      43. Anonymous Author. Earth Abides by George R. Stewart (рецензия)
      44. Anonymous Author. The Homunculus by David H. Keller (рецензия)
      45. Anonymous Author. The Last Space Ship by Murray Leinster (рецензия)
      46. Anonymous Author. An Experiment With Time by John William Dunne (рецензия)
      47. Anonymous Author. The Incredible Planet by John W. Campbell, Jr. (рецензия)
      48. Anonymous Author. The Star Kings by Edmond Hamilton (рецензия)
      49. Anonymous Author. The Fox Woman and Other Stories by A. Merritt (рецензия)
      50. Editorial Commentary
      51. Index

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