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«The Traction Engine Companion»


The Traction Engine Companion

первое издание

Язык издания: английский


London: Robert Hale, 1983 г. (июнь)

ISBN: 0709010214, 9780709010210

Тип обложки: твёрдая

Страниц: 240


  1. Peter Haining. Introduction (статья)
  2. Part One: The History and Development of the Traction Engine
    1. John Haining. Early Steam in Agriculture
    2. G. W. Dixon. Threashing Days
    3. L. T. C. Rolt. Ploughing Days at Pitchill (эссе)
    4. William McAdam. On a Road Train to London
    5. Rallying to Stafford
    6. R. E. Crompton. A Pioneer’s Work in Road Transport
    7. Marcus Tindal. The Traction Engine Brigade
    8. The Case of the Showman’s Engine
    9. Peter Haining. When Steam Provided the Pictures (эссе)
    10. Joseph Stanton. A Nightmare Ride
    11. Ronald H. Clark. I Used Traction Engines (эссе)
  3. Part Two: Traction Engines Today — Their Appeal and Preservation
    1. Peter Haining. New Life for Old Engines (эссе)
    2. Peter Haining. How to Drive a Traction Engine (эссе)
    3. Peter Haining. The "Sport" of Rallying (эссе)
    4. Peter Haining. A Who’s Who of Traction Engine Manufacturers (эссе)
    5. Peter Haining. Traction Engine Societies (эссе)
    6. Peter Haining. Traction Engine Museums (эссе)
  4. Part Three: The Traction Engine in Literature
    1. Jules Verne. The Iron Giant (отрывок из романа)
    2. Thomas Hardy. The Engineman (отрывок)
    3. F. Tennyson Jesse. Threshing (отрывок)
    4. Georges Renard. Jacques Brulefert’s Death (рассказ)
    5. Sidney Keyes. The Famous Race Between the Hearse and the Steamroller (рассказ)
    6. Ronald H. Clark. Steam on Road and Rail (рассказ)
  5. Bibliography

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