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«Nightmare, Issue 38, November 2015»


Nightmare, Issue 38, November 2015

электронное издание, первое издание

Язык издания: английский

2015 г. (ноябрь)


Cover art by Bruno Wagner.


  1. From the Editor
    1. John Joseph Adams. Editorial, November 2015
  2. Fiction
    1. Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Lacrimosa (рассказ)
    2. F. Paul Wilson. Soft (рассказ)
    3. Matthew Kressel. Demon in Aisle 6 (рассказ)
    4. Gemma Files. The Emperor's Old Bones (рассказ)
  3. Nonfiction
    1. Justin Bailey. The H Word: In My Restless Dreams—A Study of Horror in Video Games (эссе)
    2. Marina J. Lostetter. Artist Showcase: Bruno Wagner (интервью, иллюстрации Б. Вагнера)
    3. The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy. Interview: Jason Blum (интервью)
  4. Author Spotlights
    1. Erika Holt, Silvia Moreno-Garcia. Author Spotlight: Silvia Moreno-Garcia (интервью)
    2. E. C. Myers, F. Paul Wilson. Author Spotlight: F. Paul Wilson (интервью)
    3. Sandra Odell, Matthew Kressel. Author Spotlight: Matthew Kressel (интервью)
    4. Lisa Nohealani Morton, Gemma Files. Author Spotlight: Gemma Files (интервью)
  5. Miscellany
    1. Coming Attractions
    2. Upcoming Events
    3. Stay Connected
    4. Subscriptions and Ebooks
    5. About the Nightmare Team
    6. Also Edited by John Joseph Adams

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