If March 1952

«If, March 1952»


If, March 1952

Язык издания: английский

1952 г.

Формат: 76x92/32 (110x180 мм)

Страниц: 164


Cover art by Martin Key.


  1. Paul W. Fairman. A Chat With the Editor (essay), p. 2-3
  2. Howard Browne. Twelve Times Zero (novella), p. 4-52
  3. Alvin Heiner. The Stowaway (short story), p. 53-57
  4. Walter M. Miller, Jr. Bitter Victory (short story), p. 58-75
  5. Milton Lesser. Black Eyes and the Daily Grind (short story), p. 76-87
  6. Richard S. Shaver. Of Stegner's Folly (рассказ), p. 88-98
  7. Theodore Sturgeon. Never Underestimate… (short story), p. 99-113
  8. Raymond A. Palmer. The Hell Ship (novelette), p. 114-133
  9. Personalities in Science Fiction: Bob Tucker (essay), p. 134-136
  10. Rog Phillips. The Old Martians (short story), p. 137-148
  11. Capt. K. F. Slater. Guest Editorial (essay), p. 149-150
  12. Citation: Tales of Tomorrow (essay), p. 151-152
  13. Charles Recour. Science Briefs (essay), p. 153-156
  14. The Postman Cometh (readers' letters), p. 157-158


Редактор: Paul W. Fairman.

Художники внутренних иллюстраций не указаны.

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