Writing and Selling Science ...

«Writing and Selling Science Fiction»


Writing and Selling Science Fiction

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Cincinnati: Writer’s Digest Books, 1983 г.

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ISBN: 0-89879-079-4

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These essays were «modestly updated» from the 1976 hardcover, according to the review in Fantasy Review, March 1986.

First paperback edition 1982.

Second printing 1983.

Jacket designed by Vicki Rice.


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  5. Kate Wilhelm. On Characters (статья), с. 41-50
  6. [Об авторе], с. 52
  7. Gene Snyder. «Dialogue?» «Of Course!» «But how?» «You'll see.» (статья), с. 53-65
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  9. James Gunn. Where Do You Get Those Crazy Ideas? (статья), с. 67-83
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  11. Poul Anderson. Nomenclature in Science Fiction (статья), с. 85-96
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  13. Jerry Pournelle. Building Future Worlds: Logic and Consistency in the Craft of Science Fiction (статья), с. 99-116
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  15. Gardner Dozois. Living the Future: You Are What You Eat (эссе), с. 119-135
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  17. Tom Purdom. Who's Going to Run Things in Twenty Three Hundred? And How Are They Going to Do It? (статья), с. 137-153
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  19. George R. R. Martin. First, Sew On a Tentacle (Recipes for Believable Aliens) (эссе), с. 155-174
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  21. andrew j offutt. Money Is Valuable: Save It! (статья), с. 177-192
  22. The Nebulas Award Winners, с. 195-197
  23. A New Writer's Reading List, с. 197
  24. Index, с. 198-203


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