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«Nightmare, Issue 51, December 2016»


Nightmare, Issue 51, December 2016

электронное издание, первое издание

Язык издания: английский

2016 г. (декабрь)


Cover art by James T. Robb.


  1. From the Editor
    1. John Joseph Adams. Editorial, December 2016
  2. Fiction
    1. Dale Bailey. I Was a Teenage Werewolf (рассказ)
    2. Brian Evenson. The Blood Drip (рассказ)
    3. Livia Llewellyn. The Low, Dark Edge of Life (рассказ)
    4. Priya Sridhar. The Opera Singer (рассказ)
  3. Nonfiction
    1. Alex Hofelich. The H Word: Audio Horror, the Menacing Stroll (эссе)
    2. Marina J. Lostetter. Artist Showcase: James T. Robb (интервью)
    3. The Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy. Panel Discussion: Penny Dreadful (интервью)
  4. Author Spotlights
    1. Sandra Odell, Dale Bailey. Author Spotlight: Dale Bailey (интервью)
    2. Lisa Nohealani Morton, Brian Evenson. Author Spotlight: Brian Evenson (интервью)
    3. Jude Griffin, Livia Llewellyn. Author Spotlight: Livia Llewellyn (интервью)
    4. Erika Holt, Priya Sridhar. Author Spotlight: Priya Sridhar (интервью)
  5. Miscellany
    1. Coming Attractions, January 2017
    2. Stay Connected
    3. Subscriptions and Ebooks
    4. About the Nightmare Team
    5. Also Edited by John Joseph Adams

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