Whispers 6 7 June 1975

«Whispers #6-7, June 1975»


Whispers #6-7, June 1975

Язык издания: английский

1975 г. (июнь)

Страниц: 136


Cover art by Frank Utpatel.


  1. Stuart David Schiff. Editorial
  2. Stuart David Schiff. News:
  3. The Watchers out of Time and Others by H. P. Lovecraft and August Derleth
  4. Dreams of R'leyh by Lin Carter- review by Stuart David Schiff
  5. Xelucha and Others by M. P. Shiel - review by Stuart David Schiff
  6. People of the Black Circle by Robert E. Howard - review by Stuart David Schiff
  7. Tigers of the Sea by Robert E. Howard - review by Stuart David Schiff
  8. Almuric by Robert E. Howard -review by Stuart David Schiff
  9. The Miscast Barbarian by L. Sprague de Camp-review by Stuart David Schiff
  10. Far Below and Other Horrors by Robert E. Weinberg-by Stuart David Schiff
  11. Fritz Leiber. The Glove (рассказ)
  12. James Wade. What they Said (стихотворение)
  13. James Wade. Sonnet: 1949 (стихотворение)
  14. Frank Belknap Long. One Day in the Life of H. P. Lovecraft (эссе)
  15. Carl Jacobi. Hamadryad (рассказ)
  16. Robert E. Howard: An Autobiographical Letter
  17. Farnsworth Wright. A Letter to H. Warner Munn (документальное произведение)
  18. Lee Brown Coye. Weirdisms: Some Ingredients for Potions (произведение (прочее))
  19. Hugh B. Cave. Ladies in Waiting (рассказ)
  20. Book Reviews: Two on Lovecraft and Others
  21. Lovecraft: A Biography by L. Sprague de Camp
  22. Lovecraft: at Last by Willis Conover
  23. Flesh and Fantasy by Frank Brunner
  24. The Adventure of the Peerless Peer by Philip José Farmer
  25. Regarding Sherlock Holmes by August Derleth
  26. The Wolf in the Garden by Alfred H. Bill
  27. Far Below and Other Horrors by Robert E. Weinberg
  28. The Encyclopedia of Science Fiction and Fantasy by Donald H. Tuck
  29. Varney the Vampire or, The Feast of Blood by Thomas Preskett Prest
  30. Manfrome or The One-Handed Monk by Mary Anne Radcliffe
  31. A Gent From Bear Creek by Robert E. Howard
  32. The Incredible Adventures of Dennis Dorgan by Robert E. Howard
  33. Fantasy Collector's Annual - 1975 by G. De La Ree
  34. Gladiator by Philip Wylie
  35. Kai Lung 6 by Ernest Bramah
  36. Dr, Cyclops by Will Garth
  37. Beneath the Moors by Brian Lumley - review by David Drake
  38. Henry Hasse. The Ensorcelled (рассказ)
  39. Story-Writing: A Letter from HPL
  40. Manly Wade Wellman. The Beasts that Perish (рассказ)
  41. Mary Elizabeth Counselman. African Wood-Carving (стихотворение)
  42. E. Hoffmann Price. Anthropology: Folkways of Fandom (статья)
  43. L. Sprague de Camp. The Octopus (стихотворение)
  44. Lee Brown Coye. Weirdisms: Some Brief Notes on Human Dissection (произведение (прочее))
  45. Karl Edward Wagner. The Fourth Seal (рассказ)
  46. Joseph Payne Brennan. Marianne (микрорассказ)
  47. Joseph Payne Brennan. The Survivor (микрорассказ)
  48. H. Warner Munn. Allhallows (стихотворение)
  49. Stuart David Schiff. The End

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