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«The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March-April 2018»


The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, March-April 2018

Язык издания: английский

2018 г. (март)


Cover art by Cory and Catska Ench.


  1. Charlotte Ashley. The Satyr of Brandenburg (рассказ)
  2. Chi Hui. Deep Sea Fish (рассказ, перевод B. Bies)
  3. Joseph Bruchac. The Next to the Last of the Mohegans (рассказ)
  4. Jeff Crandall. After the Wolf (стихотворение)
  5. Charles de Lint. Books to Look For (рецензия)
  6. Michelle West. Musing on Books (рецензия)
  7. Andy Stewart. Likho (повесть)
  8. William Ledbetter. The Beast from Below (рассказ)
  9. Susan Palwick. Hideous Flowerpots (рассказ)
  10. Marc Laidlaw. A Swim and a Crawl (рассказ)
  11. Mary Soon Lee. Diaspora (стихотворение)
  12. Paul Di Filippo. Plumage From Pegasus: The Varley Corps Wants You (эссе)
  13. Jerry Oltion. Science: Naked-Eye Astronomy (статья)
  14. David J. Skal. Films: The Shape of Things Coming Soon (эссе)
  15. Ted Rabinowitz. A Dog of Wu (рассказ)
  16. Wole Talabi. The Harmonic Resonance of Ejiro Anaborhi (рассказ)
  17. G. V. Anderson. Down Where Sound Comes Blunt (рассказ)
  18. Fantasy & Science Fiction Market Place
  19. Robert Eldridge. Curiosities: The Cloud Dream of the Nine, by Kim Man-Choong (1922) (эссе)
  20. Coming Attractions

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