Not So Stories

«Not So Stories»


Not So Stories

Язык издания: английский


Oxford: Abaddon Books, 2018 г. (апрель)

ISBN: 1781086125, 978-1781086124

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 320


Cover art by Joseph Watson.


The Man Who Played With the Crab, Adiwijaya Iskandar
Samsara, Georgina Kamsika
Serpent, Crocodile, Tiger, Zedeck Siew
How the Tree of Wishes Gained its Carapace of Plastic, Jeannette Ng
How the Ants Got Their Queen, Stewart Hotston
How the Snake Lost its Spine, Tauriq Moosa
The Cat Who Walked by Herself, Achala Upendran
Strays Like Us, Zina Hutton
How the Simurgh Won Her Tail, Ali Nouraei
There is Such Thing as a Whizzy-Gang, Raymond Gates
How the Camel Got Her Paid Time Off, Paul Krueger

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