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«Fantastic Universe, March 1954»


Fantastic Universe, March 1954

Язык издания: английский

1954 г.

Страниц: 160


Cover art by Clarence Doore.


  1. Jim Brown, Ph.D. The Story Behind the Story (essay), fep.
  2. Jim Brown, Ph.D. The Love Machine (novel), р. 2-52
  3. Roger Dee. To Remember Charlie By (short story), р. 53-65
  4. Dorothy de Courcy and John de Courcy. Foundling on Venus (short story), р. 66-73
  5. Frank Belknap Long. The Man from Time (short story), р. 74-85
  6. Eando Binder. Shipwreck in the Sky (short story), р. 86-92
  7. Mann Rubin. The Second Voice (short story), р. 93-103
  8. L. Major Reynolds. Such Blooming Talk (short story), р. 104-106
  9. John Foster West. Cogito, Ergo Sum (short story), р. 107-113
  10. Algis Budrys. The Deckplate Blues (short story), р. 114-125
  11. John Victor Peterson and Edward S. Staub. The Psilent Partner (novelette), р. 126-144
  12. M. C. Pease. This One Problem (short story), р. 145-152
  13. Walt Sheldon. Two Plus Two Makes Crazy (short story), р. 153-156
  14. Robert Frazier. Universe in Books (books review), р. 157-160
  15. Robert Frazier. The Critics Comment (essay), bep.

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