Fantastic Universe October ...

«Fantastic Universe, October 1954»


Fantastic Universe, October 1954

Язык издания: английский

1954 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 128


Cover art by Bert Lief.


  1. Frank Belknap Long. The Story Behind the Cover… (essay), fep.
  2. George Whitley. The Wrong Track (novelette), р. 4-32
  3. Norman Arkawy. Once a First Wife… (short story), р. 33-40
  4. Philip K. Dick. Souvenir (short story), р. 41-51
  5. Evan Hunter. Dream Damsel (short story), р. 52-59
  6. Robert Sheckley. Conquerors Planet (short story), р. 60-68
  7. Philip José Farmer. The Wounded (short story), р. 69-73
  8. Charles E. Fritch. Office Call (short story), р. 74-81
  9. Gerda Rhoads. My Past is Mine (short story), р. 82-89
  10. Carl Jacobi. Strangers to Straba (short story), р. 90-98
  11. Arthur T. Harris. True to Type (short story), р. 99-102
  12. Frank Belknap Long. Two Way Destiny (novelette), р. 103-124
  13. Gene Cross. The Nobles Are Coming (short story), р. 125-128

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