Fantastic Universe December ...

«Fantastic Universe, December 1956»


Fantastic Universe, December 1956

Язык издания: английский

1956 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 128


Cover art by Hannes Bok.


  1. Vithaldas O'Quinn. The Story Behind the Cover… (микрорассказ), feр.
  2. Robert F. Young. Wish Upon a Star (short novel), стр. 4-30
  3. Evelyn E. Smith. Mr. Replogle's Dream (short story), стр. 31-40
  4. Robert E. Howard. Gods of the North (short story), стр. 41-48
  5. Kenneth Bulmer. Their Dreams Remain (short story), стр. 49-57
  6. Hannes Bok. One Touch of Terra (short story), стр. 58-70
  7. Mark Reinsberg. The Satellite-Keeper's Daughter (short story), стр. 71-76
  8. Walt Sheldon. The Shrine (short story), стр. 77-86
  9. Roger Dee. Travelogue (short story), стр. 87-99
  10. Vithaldas Hattopadhyaya O'Quinn. A Comment on One Touch of Terra (essay), стр. 100
  11. William C. Gault. Title Fight (short story), стр. 101-111
  12. R is for Robot (essay), p. 111
  13. Gordon Dickson. Strictly Confidential (short story), стр. 112-128

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