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«The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1960»


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, June 1960

Язык издания: английский

1960 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 130


Cover art by Ed Emshwiller.


  1. Charles Henneberg. The Non-Humans (short novelet, перевод D. Knight), р. 5-22
  2. H. F. Ellis. Fireside Talk (short story), р. 23-27
  3. Howard Fast. Cato the Martian (short story), р. 28-39
  4. Hilbert Schenck, Jr. Ed Lear Wasn't So Crazy! (verse), р. 39
  5. Will Worthington. The Swamp Road (short story), р. 40-53
  6. Mrs. Agate. Slammy and the Bonneygott (short story), р. 54-61
  7. Avram Davidson. The Sixth Season (short story), р. 62-72
  8. Isaac Asimov. The Bug-Eyed Monster (essay), р. 73-83
  9. Damon Knight. New Maps of Hell (books review), р. 84-87
  10. Clifford D. Simak. The Golden Bugs (novelet), р. 88-121
  11. John Berry. Beyond Ganga Mata (short story), р. 122-129
  12. Grendel Briarton. Through Time and Space with Ferdinand Feghoot: XXVII (short story), р. 129
  13. Index to Volume Eighteen: January-June 1960, р. 130

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