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«Super Science Stories, April 1951»


Super Science Stories, April 1951

Язык издания: английский

1951 г.

Тираж: не указан

Страниц: 112


Vol. 8, No. 1.

Cover art by Lawrence; interior artwork by Virgil Finlay, Paul, Bok, Саваж, Van Dongen and Lawrence.


  1. James V. Taurasi. Fandom's Corner (статья), р. 6, 8, 10, 12
  2. Fox B. Holden. The Death Star (рассказ), р. 14-27, 108
  3. La Selle Gilman. The Last Dark (рассказ, иллюстрации В. Финлея), р. 28-35, 109-110
  4. Frederik Pohl. The Science Fictioneer (рецензия), р. 36-37, 113
  5. Stanley Mullen. Danger Dimension (рассказ), р. 38-58
  6. Statement of the Ownership , Management, and Circulation Required by the Act of Congress of August 24, 1912, as Amended cy the Acts of March 3, 1933, and July 2, 1946 (заметка), р. 55-55
  7. Missives and Missiles (очерк), р. 59-59, 99-107
    1. Cpl. O. Kegin. «Dear Editor: As a new-comer to the field Science Fiction...» (письмо), р. 59, 99
    2. Ted Seager. «Dear Editor: Your Novemmber mag was good (as SS usualy is)...» (письмо), р. 99-99
    3. (Miss) Pearle Appleford. «Dear Sir, I have just received the September 1950issue of SSS...» (письмо), р. 99-99
    4. Tom Toney. «To the Editor: A new light — in the glimmerling, glittering person of Chad Oliver...» (письмо), р. 99-100
    5. Gary Clifton. «Dear Editor: WOW! What a story was Poul Anderson's FLIGHT TO FOREVER...» (письмо), р. 100-100
    6. Morton D. Paley. «Dear Editor: SSS gets such poor circulatiun up here in the Bronx...» (письмо), р. 100-100
    7. Fred Stuckey. «Dear Ed: The only reason I'm writing this letterat all is Poul Anderson's story FLIGHT TO FOREVER...» (письмо), р. 100-101
    8. Irving Slavin. «Dear Editor: Although I am a comparatively new fevotee to the feild of Sceince Fiction...» (письмо), р. 101-102
    9. Curtis E. Anderson. «Dear Esitor: I have compleled reading the November issue...» (письмо), р. 102-102
    10. Tarver Butler. «Dear Sirs; Just a very shot letter to tell you...» (письмо), р. 102-102
    11. James Blish. «Dear Editor: It was interesting to see Sunken Universe again, after eight year...» (письмо), р. 102-103
    12. Mrs. Edith Garey. «Dear Editir: I have just finished reading my first issue of SSS...» (письмо), р. 103-104
    13. Dick Ryan. «Dear Editor: It has come to my attention that I have never favored...» (письмо), р. 104-104
    14. Gregg Calkins. «Dear Editor: Well, here I am again...» (письмо), р. 105-106
    15. T. Engel. «Dear Editor: This morning your November issue arrived...» (письмо), р. 106-107
    16. S. S. «Dear Editor: Just want to send my thanks for publishing a great magazine...» (письмо), р. 107-107
    17. Bill Vissaris. «Dear Editor: «Flight To Forever» was a natural...» (письмо), р. 107-107
  8. Katherine MacLean. High Flight (рассказ), р. 60-68
  9. Walter Kubilius. Eternal Earthling (рассказ, иллюстрации Х. Бока), р. 69-78
  10. Frank Belknap Long. The Unfinished (рассказ, иллюстрации Х. Бока), р. 79-85, 111-112
  11. Leigh Brackett. Child of the Green Light (рассказ), р. 86-98
  12. Opinion Tally (заметка), р. 107-107

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