The Magazine of Fantasy and ...

«The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, December 1957»


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, December 1957

Язык издания: английский

1957 г.

Формат: другой

Страниц: 130


Cover art by Kelly Freas.


  1. Isaac Asimov. I Feel It In My Bones (article), р. 5-18
  2. Leah Bodine Drake. The Word of Willow (verse), р. 19
  3. William Morrison & Frederik Pohl. Stepping Stone (novelet), р. 20-41
  4. Shirley Jackson. The Missing Girl (short story), р. 42-52
  5. Robert Sheckley. Holdout (short story), р. 53-62
  6. Charles Beaumont. The Science Screen (a department), р. 63-65
  7. Theodore R. Cogswell. The Cabbage Patch (short story), р. 66-69
  8. Poul Anderson. The Peacemongers (short story), р. 70-77
  9. Gordon R. Dickson. With Butter and Mustard (short story), р. 78-89
  10. Isaac Asimov. Insert Knob A in Hole B (short story), р. 90-91
  11. Anthony Boucher. Recommended Reading (a department), р. 92-96
  12. G. C. Edmondson. Renaissance (short story), р. 97-110
  13. Oliver La Farge. Spud and Cochise (short novelet), р. 111-129
  14. Index to Volume Thirteen — July 1957—December 1957, р. 130


На обложке журнала рисунок к рассказу У. Моррисона и Ф. Пола «Стартовая площадка».

Формат 192 х 138 мм.

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