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Great Writers & Kids Write Mystery Stories

первое издание

Язык издания: английский

Составители: , ,

New York: Random House, 1996 г.

ISBN: 0-679-97939-5

Тип обложки: твёрдая + суперобложка

Страниц: 224


13 mystery stories written jointly by famous writers and their children and grandchildren.

Cover and interior art by Gahan Wilson.


  1. Jill M. Morgan, Robert Weinberg. Introduction: What Makes a Good Mystery Story? (статья), p. 10
  2. Jonathan Kellerman, Ilana Kellerman. Matinee (рассказ), p. 15
  3. Joan Lowery Nixon, Nicole Marie Brush. The Disappearance of Gavin McCann (рассказ), p. 33
  4. Carole Nelson Douglas, Annie A. Anderson. Dog Collar (рассказ), p. 47
  5. Wendy Hornsby, Alyson Hornsby. Be Your Own Best Friend (рассказ), p. 63
  6. Max Allan Collins, Nathan Collins. The Chocolate-Chip Alarm (рассказ), p. 79
  7. Sharyn McCrumb, Spencer McCrumb, Laura McCrumb. Typewriter Man (рассказ), p. 91
  8. Ed Gorman, Joe Gorman. The New, Improved Owlie Madison (рассказ), p. 107
  9. Scott Turow, Eve Turow. The Secret Enchanted Dress (рассказ), p. 119
  10. Barbara D'Amato, Brian D'Amato. Too Violent (рассказ), p. 131
  11. Stuart Kaminsky, Lucy Kaminsky. Mother Knows Best (рассказ), p. 145
  12. Patricia Wallace, Christina Wallace. Releve (рассказ), p. 169
  13. Elizabeth Engstrom, Nicole Engstrom Fourmyle. Moxie and the African Queen (рассказ), p. 183
  14. Billie Sue Mosiman, Suzanne Mosiman Garcia. The Real-Life Adventures of Manny Fitz (рассказ), p. 201

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