The Magazine of Fantasy and ...

«The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1975»


The Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, March 1975

Язык издания: английский

1975 г.

Страниц: 164


Cover art by Chesley Bonestell.


  1. Gordon Eklund. Sandsnake Hunter (novelette), р. 4-33
  2. Harry Harrison. Speed of the Cheetah, Roar of the Lion (short story), р. 35-38
  3. Joanna Russ. Books (review), р. 39-45
  4. Manly Wade Wellman. The Ghastly Priest Doth Reign (short story), р. 46-53
  5. Jonathan Swift Somers, III. A Scarletin Study (novelette), р. 54-79
  6. Mildred Clingerman. The Time Before (short story), р. 80-84
  7. Baird Searles. Films: A Funky, Faustian, Filmorian Fantom (essay), р. 85-87
  8. R. A. Lafferty. Three Shadows of the Wolf (novelette), р. 88-114
  9. Fritz Leiber. Catch that Zeppelin (short story), р. 115-133
  10. Isaac Asimov. The Bridge of the Gods (essay), р. 134-144
  11. L. Sprague de Camp. The Lamp (short story), р. 145-160

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