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«Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October 26, 1981»


Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October 26, 1981

Язык издания: английский

1981 г. (октябрь)

Страниц: 180


Vol. 5, No. 11.

Editor: George H. Scithers.

Cover art by Larry Noble.


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    1. Dr. Richard Bean. "Dear Dr. Asimov: you made a factual misstatement..." (письмо), p. 169
    2. Ferne Campbell. "Dear Dr. Asimov, I received six issues of your magazine..." (письмо), p. 169-170
    3. Danny N. Batty. "Dear Mr. Scithers: in the January 19, 1981..." (письмо), p. 170-171
    4. John Kuhns. "Dear Mr. Scithers, being a traveling salesman..." (письмо), p. 171
    5. Glynda Kirkpatrick. "Greetings: I am a newcomer to IA'sfm..." (письмо), p. 171-172
    6. Barbara Glowacki. "Dear Dr. Asimov, please send me a copy of your requirements..." (письмо), p. 172
    7. Alan Lipton of Nautilus. "Dear Dr. Asimov, in your January 19 issue..." (письмо), p. 173
    8. Irving L. Jacobs. "Dear Sirs: Your "Slush Pile Strikers" comments..." (письмо), p. 173-174
  22. Next Issue, p. 174

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