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«Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, November 23, 1981»


Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, November 23, 1981

Язык издания: английский

1981 г. (ноябрь)

Страниц: 180


Vol. 5, No. 12.

Editor: George H. Scithers.

Cover art by Wayne D. Barlowe.


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  15. Letters, p. 167-174
    1. Wes Brzozowski. "Mister Scithers, there was once a fan who purchased..." (письмо), p. 167-168
    2. Tony Cheerleer. "Dear Isaac, I'm afraid all of this is quickly losing its freshness..." (письмо), p. 168-169
    3. J. C Wright. "Dear George, how could you let such a glaring error find its way..." (письмо), p. 169-170
    4. David Koch. "Dear Mr. Scithers, in the November issue of IA'sfm..." (письмо), p. 170
    5. Neil Rest. "Dear Mr. Scithers, after having been delighted and impressed..." (письмо), p. 170-171
    6. Robert Nowall. "Dear Sirs, on the whole, I think your June 8th issue was excellent..." (письмо), p. 171
    7. V. R. Sahlin. "Dear Dr. Asimov: the majority of your magazine articles are good..." (письмо), p. 172
    8. Colleen Cart Blythe. "Dear Mr. Scithers, Ms. McCarthy, and Dr. Asimov..." (письмо), p. 172-173
    9. Michael Steen. "Dear Dr. Asimov: I am a new subscriber to your magazine..." (письмо), p. 174
  16. Next Issue, p. 174

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