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«Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October 1985»


Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, October 1985

Язык издания: английский

1985 г. (октябрь)

Страниц: 196


Vol. 9 No. 10.

Editor: Shawna McCarthy.

Cover art by J. K. Potter.


  1. Isaac Asimov. Fairy Tales (статья), p. 4-8
  2. Letters, p. 9-16
    1. Tessa B. Dick. "Dear Shawna, Dr, A., et al.: what a lovely Xmas present..." (письмо), p. 9
    2. Carole J. Rupe. "Dear Whoever Is Reponsible: pardon my not knowing..." (письмо), p. 9-10
    3. Rue O'Neill. "Dear Dr. Asimov: just finished reading Pete Hamill's "From the Lake"..." (письмо), p. 10
    4. Christopher McKeever. "Dear Ms. McCarthy and Dr. Asimov, the first two things I read..." (письмо), p. 10-12
    5. Guy Stewart. "Dear Ms. McCarthy and Dr. Asimov: I am not an editor..." (письмо), p. 12
    6. Nolan P. Williams. "Dr. Asimov and Shawna: during the past year..." (письмо), p. 12-13
    7. Rebecca Brown. "Dear Shawna and Dr. Asimov, I suspect that if you did write..." (письмо), p. 13-14
    8. Richard Blair. "Dear Isaac: Ms. Athey's complaint in the March issue..." (письмо), p. 14
    9. David B. Smith. "Dear Doctor, I was very impressed with Ben Bova's story..." (письмо), p. 15
    10. Scott McCrea. "Dear Shawna, the Good Doctor and the rest: I received the February IAsfm..." (письмо), p. 15-16
  3. Martin Gardner. Puzzles in Flatland (статья), p. 20-22
  4. Dana Lombardy. Gaming (статья), p. 24-25
  5. Tom Rainbow. The Mad Scientist's Primer (статья, иллюстрации Дж.К. Поттера), p. 26-46
  6. Frederik Pohl. The Things That Happen (рассказ, иллюстрации Х. Джэнкаса), p. 48-72
  7. Solutions to Puzzles in Flatland, p. 72-73
  8. Avon Swofford. Taking the Low Road (рассказ, иллюстрации Терри Ли), p. 74-102
  9. Suzette Haden Elgin. Lexical Gap (стихотворение), p. 103
  10. Michael Swanwick, Gardner Dozois. Snow Job (рассказ, иллюстрации А. Джорджа), p. 104-120
  11. John M. Ford. Scrabble with God (микрорассказ, иллюстрации А. Джорджа), p. 121-123
  12. David R. Bunch. One Wish!? (стихотворение), p. 123
  13. Karen Joy Fowler. The Lake Was Full of Artificial Things (рассказ, иллюстрации А. Джорджа), p. 124-135
  14. Bruce Sterling. Green Days in Brunei (повесть, иллюстрации Дж. Томпсона), p. 136-181
  15. Second Solution to Puzzles in Flatland, p. 181
  16. Mooney's Module, p. 182
  17. Baird Searles. On Books (рецензия), p. 183-190
  18. Next Issue, p. 190
  19. Erwin S. Strauss. The SF Conventional Calendar (произведение (прочее)), p. 192

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