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«Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences»


Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurrences

первое издание

Язык издания: английский

Составители: , ,

: Unnameable Press, 1992 г. (октябрь)

Тираж: 2500 экз.

ISBN: 0-934227-09-8, 978-0-934227-09-4

Тип обложки: твёрдая + суперобложка

Страниц: 639


Stories about the search for the Holy Grail.

Cover art by Robert Gould. Interior art by P. J. Meacham.


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«Grails: Quests, Visitations and Other Occurences» has been released in two limited editions. One thousand copies have been numbered as a special edition for presentation at the 1992 World Fantasy Convention and one-thousand five-hundred additional, unnumbered copies have been released for general sale.

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