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«Return of the Sword: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure»


Return of the Sword: An Anthology of Heroic Adventure

Язык издания: английский


Milwaukee (WI): Rogue Blades, 2008 г.

Тираж: не указан

ISBN: 0982053606, 978-0-9820536-0-7

Тип обложки: мягкая

Страниц: 348


Произведения в жанре героического фентези.


  1. Acknowledgments, pages 1-2
  2. Artists, pages 3-4
  3. Jason M. Waltz. Foreword: Swords Drawn (essay), pages 5-7
  4. Stacey Berg. Altar of the Moon (short story), pages 9-16
  5. Bill Ward. The Wyrd of War (short story), pages 17-24
  6. Phil Emery. The Last Scream of Carnage (short story), pages 25-33
  7. Jeff Draper. The Battle of Raven Kill (short story), pages 35-47
  8. Nicholas Ian Hawkins. What Heroes Leave Behind (short story), pages 49-66
  9. David Pitchford. Fatefist at Torkas Nahl (short story), pages 67-84
  10. Ty Johnston. Deep in the Land of the Ice and Snow (short story), pages 85-95
  11. Jeff Stewart. Mountain Scarab (short story), pages 97-111
  12. Angeline Hawkes. Lair of the Cherufe (short story), pages 113-133
  13. Robert Rhodes. To Be A Man (short story), pages 135-148
  14. E. E. Knight. Storytelling (essay), pages 149-170
  15. James Enge. The Red Worm's Way (short story), pages 171-191
  16. Michael Ehart. To Destroy All Flesh (short story), pages 193-206
  17. Thomas M. MacKay. Guardian of Rage (short story), pages 207-218
  18. Christopher Heath. Claimed by Birthright (short story), pages 219-228
  19. Nathan Meyer. The Hand that Holds the Crown (short story), pages 229-238
  20. S. C. Bryce. The Dawn Tree (short story), pages 239-255
  21. Allen B. Lloyd, William Clunie. An Uneasy Truce in Ulam-Bator (short story), pages 257-273
  22. Steve Goble. The Mask Oath (short story), pages 275-291
  23. Bruce Durham. Valley of Bones (short story), pages 293-305
  24. Classic
    1. Harold Lamb. Red Hands (short story), pages 307-327

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