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Издательство «Macmillan»


Год открытия: 1869

New York
175 Fifth Avenue, New York, NY 10010

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  • Best of Soviet SF

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Внесерийные издания

A Likely Place

1967 год

Описание: Cover art and interior illusrtations by Edward Ardizzone.

Ballad of the Stars

1982 год

Описание: Cover art by Richard Powers.

Blue Horizon

2003 год

Описание: Десятый роман цикла «Courtney».

Death Doesn't Bargain

2018 год

Описание: Book 2 in the «Deadman's Cross» series.

Helen of Troy and Other Poems

1922 год

Описание: Стихотворения.

Jack Fox, Detective

1968 год

Описание: Детский детектив.

Little Magic Horse

1942 год

Описание: Cover and interior art by Vera Bock.

Maurice's Room

1966 год

Описание: Cover art and interior illusrtations by Ingrid Fetz.


1985 год

Описание: Cover by Stephen Gorman

Small World

1981 год

Описание: Cover by Jeannette Adams

Tales of the Flying Mountains

1970 год

Описание: Cover by Anthony Sini

The Boy Who Didn't Come Home

2019 год

Описание: Story in «The Hazel Wood» series.

The Collected Poems of Sara Teasdale

1937 год

Описание: Избранные стихотворения.

The Dictionary of Imaginary Places

1980 год

Описание: Graham Greenfield (illustrator)
A dictionary of imaginary lands and cities of literature. 100 original illustrations and 150 maps and charts

The Face in the Frost

1969 год

Описание: Illustrations by Marilyn Fitschen

The Influence

1988 год

Описание: Cover by Walter Harper

The Macmillan International Film Encyclopedia

2001 год

Описание: Fourth edition

The Nameless

1981 год

Описание: Cover by Norman Walker

The Parasite

1980 год

Описание: Cover art by Hector Garrido

The Selkie

1982 год

Описание: Cover by Nenad Jakesevic and Sonja Lamut

The Ugly Swans

1979 год

Описание: Cover art by Richard Powers (not credited).

The Wasp Factory

1984 год

Описание: Cover by Marcus Wilson-Smith

The Way of Kings

2011 год

Описание: Book 1 of the «Stormlight Archive» series.
Cover art by Michael Whelan.

The Wind Eye

1976 год

Описание: Cover by Gerry Greaves

Treasure Island

1932 год

Описание: Illustrations by Warwick Goble

Voyages to the Moon

1960 год

Описание: A history of speculative voyages to the moon, and other "celestial voyages", including subterranean voyages, ''Alice in Wonderland'', etc. Includes a bibliography of 133 speculative works from before 1800.
Cover design by Leo Manso.


1977 год

Описание: Иллюстрация на обложке, внутренние иллюстрации И. Галанина.

Frontiers 1: Tomorrow's Alternatives

1973 год

Описание: Cover artt by Gilbert Stone

Rivers to the Sea

1915 год

Описание: Стихотворения.

Love Songs

1917 год

Описание: Стихотворения.

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