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Джеймс Барри «M'Connachie and J.M.B. : Speeches by J. M. Barrie»

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M'Connachie and J.M.B. : Speeches by J. M. Barrie

Произведение (прочее), год


Сборник текстов выступлений и речей Джеймса Барри, датированных 1893-1935 г.г.


Prize-Giving at Dumfries Academy: Dumfries — 1893

Stevenson Memorial Meeting: At the Music Hall, Edinburgh — 1896

The Royal Literary Fund: At the 114th Anniversary of the Fund, At The Hotel Metropole — 1904

Unveiling of Memorial to Mrs. Oliphant: In St. Giles' Cathedral, Edinburgh — 1908

The Freedom of St. Andrews: The Town Hall, St. Andrews — 1922

University College, Dundee — 1922

To the Critics' Circle: Savoy Hotel — 1922

To Wallasey High School for Girls: At Wallasey Town Hall — 1924

To the Printers' Pension Corporation: At the Connaught Rooms — 1924

The Freedom of Dumfries — 1924

Freedom of the Stationers' Company: In the Stationers' Hall — 1925

To the Australian Cricketers: At a Luncheon Given by the London District Of the Institute of Journalists at the Cri­ Terion Restaurant, Piccadilly — 1926

Captain Hook at Eton: To the First Hundred at Eton College — 1927

Worcestershire Association Dinner: Second Annual Dinner, London — 1928

To Rhodes Scholars: At Their Annual Dinner at Oxford — 1928

Mary Queen of Scots: At Jedburgh — 1928

The Freedom of Jedburgh: In the Public Hall, Jedburgh — 1928

To the Incorporated Society of Authors, Playwrights, and Composers: At Their Annual Dinner, at the Hyde Park Hotel — 1928

To the Royal Scottish Corporation: Presiding Over the 264th St. Andrew's Day Festival of the Corporation, at the Hol­ Born Restaurant — 1928

To the Newspaper Press Fund: At Their Annual Dinner, at the Mayfair Hotel, London — 1929

Freedom of Edinburgh: In the Usher Hall, Edinburgh — 1929

Opening the Glasgow Health Exhibition: In the Kelvin Hall — 1929

To the Royal Literary Fund: Presiding Over the 140th Anniversary Dinner Of the Fund, at the Hotel Victoria — 1930-His 70th Birthday

The Freedom of Kirriemuir: Kirriemuir — 1930

Dinner to Australian Cricket Team: London — 1930

For the Great Ormond Street Hospital For Children: At the Guildhall — 1930

Unveiling a Statue of Thomas Hardy: Dorchester — 1931

Opening the Edinburgh Health Exhibition: In Thi Waverley Market, Edinburgh — 1932

To the Grant Institute of Geology: Edinburgh University — 1932

To the Edinburgh Institute of Journalists: At Their Annual Dinner in the North British Station Hotel, Edinburgh — 1932

Lord Grey's 70th Birthday: At a Luncheon Party Given by Sir James Barrie In His Flat in Robert Street, Adelphi — 1932

Authors' Club Dinner: At Grosvenor House, London — 1932

Opening a Bazaar at Kirriemuir: In the Townhall, Kirriemuir — 1933

The 350th Anniversary of Edinburgh University: Edinburgh — 1933

To the Australian Cricket Team: At a Dinner Given by the Surrey County Cricket Club at Carpenters' Hall — 1934

The Marie Tempest Jubilee: At the Luncheon at the Savoy Hotel — 1935


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